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Do you have time for writing essays and other academic projects for every single course you attend at college?

It was a rhetorical question.

Of course you don’t have time. Do you know why? Because, realistically speaking, there’s no time for academic writing. You’re getting too many essays for too many courses. It’s sad, but it’s true: most students are practically forced to buy essay papers online. It’s not because they don’t want to write… it’s because they don’t have time to cover all assignments.

Is It Legal to Buy an Essay?

You’ve heard this from your professors: you can’t buy college essay because that would get you in trouble. They are wrong. Do you know why? Online writing services are legitimate. They follow laws and regulations. Otherwise they wouldn’t be allowed to exist. But they are there, and students have every right to use them.

Top Reasons Why Students Tend to Buy Essay Online

Do you know why so many students from all around the world purchase their essays from a professional service?

Even if the student learns how to write one type of essay, they won’t know how to write the next assignment. There are versatile types of essays that they have to master, and these are only few of them:

  • Narrative
  • Descriptive
  • Argumentative
  • Expository
  • Analytical
  • Compare and Contrast
  • Critical
  • Cause and Effect

Academic writing is hard. The student has to dig through several resources. A simple online search is not enough. They have to use Google Scholar, which usually leads to content that requires payment. When the student faces such an obstacle, they get overwhelmed and want to give up.

Professors set standards that are too high. On the other hand, they don’t bother much with the instructions. They won’t take the time to teach students how to write essays. It’s like they expect people to be born with this skill.

Many students hire professional writers because they want to improve their writing skills. Unlike professors and online guides, these writers offer direct, practical assistance. They show the student how to tackle this precise topic and type of assignment. By the end of the process, the student is way more skilled than they were before.

An academic writing service like Superior Papers is safe to use. It gives you the confidence that everything will turn out well. That’s why more and more students from all around the world decide to buy custom essay from us.


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Are you ready to buy the essay today? You’ll be glad to know that the process of placing an order is very simple. The order form requires basic information about the paper. You’ll give us the field of study, and we’ll assign an MA or PhD writer from that niche to complete the paper. You’ll tell us about the topic, citation style, and everything else.

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