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Reaching the status of a PhD candidate was not easy. You went through many years of education, didn’t you? You spent thousands of dollars. The transition from a PhD student to candidate was hard by itself. You completed the examinations and now there’s only one thing separating you from the doctoral degree: the dissertatio.

You’ve worked on different types of research projects before. But this one is different. The dissertation has a longer and more complex structure, which is usually consisted of these chapters:

  • Preliminary pages
  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Research methods
  • Results
  • Results analysis
  • Discussion
  • Conclusions
  • Future work
  • References
  • Bibliography
  • Appendices

The structure alone gives you the chills. And when you pick a topic that’s really difficult to tackle, you’ll definitely feel overwhelmed. At that point, you might start considering the need to hire a dissertation help service.


You Can’t Get in Trouble for Getting Dissertation Writing Help

When a PhD candidate wants to get dissertation assistance online, one question naturally comes up: will they face any consequences for this?

It’s a valid question. You’re afraid that you’d be going against the law. But you know what? You shouldn’t be concerned about that. Superior Papers is an entirely legit service, operating under clear laws and regulations. The service is not breaking any laws, its writers are not breaking laws, and the customers are definitely not breaking laws.

Your university will not allow its students to get dissertation writing help from a professional writer. But since you’re getting 100% unique content with no signs of plagiarism, there’s no way for anyone to find out. The project will be entirely based on your instructions. You’re the one who provides the ideas, guidelines, and everything else you’d like to provide. The writer just expresses the words. They practically help you to complete what you started.

The point of this material is to serve as your foundation for writing a better dissertation. Of course, it’s unique and it’s yours, so you may use it however you want.

Reasons Why PhD Candidates Need Dissertation Helpers

Since PhD candidates are considered to be highly intelligent individuals committed to their studies, we were wondering: why do most of them need online dissertation writing help? We conducted a survey among our customers.

  • This has nothing to do with intellect or commitment. We’ve had highly advanced students buying papers from us. They faced other difficulties, such as time constraint, lack of motivation, lack of English grammar skills, and more.
  • Time is the biggest issue. These are serious people with several aspects to their lives. They are not just students. They are also professionals. They have jobs or their own businesses. Should we even mention the fact that most of them already have families?
  • The complexity of this project overwhelms the students. They have to spend months or years in research and writing, and the results might not be good enough. That’s why they value the advice and guidance of a professional writer so much.
  • For foreign students in English-speaking universities, the standards are very high. Maybe they can write the paper, but they will at least need to hire an expert editor. Otherwise, they risk submitting flawed text that won’t achieve the expected results.

We should never judge. PhD students hire writers because they need the help. We should understand their circumstances.

Why Should You Rely on Our Dissertation Writing Service?

If you decide to get online assistance for your dissertation, you shouldn’t question that decision. It will lead you towards the successful completion of the project. This is the question to ask at that point: what agency should you hire?

There are many reasons why Superior Papers is the right choice for most students. We’ll list the most important ones:

  1. The service has been on the market for longer than a decade. That’s an important factor, since it indicates experience.
  2. We’ve served several thousands of satisfied customers so far. The satisfaction rates at our website exceed 99%. Do you know why? - Because we work hard to deliver perfect content every single time. If we don’t achieve that from the first attempt, we continue working on the paper until the customers gets what they need. Free revisions are guaranteed.
  3. If you need to contact our team at any time, you can reach a representative. The 24/7 live chat, phone, and email operators are ready to answer questions and assist the clients at any step of their order. If you want to contact us, you don’t have to wait for business hours.
  4. You want clear and transparent prices, right? It would be even better if the quotes were cheap, right? We’re aware of that fact. The dissertation is a large project of many pages, so you need a low quote that you’re able to afford. We tailored an affordable pricing system that makes us cheaper than other writing services. But the quality is still better at our website.

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